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Fournier St, off Brick Lane, London

The land around present-day Fournier Street, Wilkes Street and Princelet Street wasdeveloped by Charles Wood and Simon Michell between 1718 and 1728. The houseswere designed to a higher standard than previous residential developments in the area and, although intended as domestic houses, many were occupied or partially occupied by industry. Silk-weaving occupied the uppermost floors for the best light for the looms – hence the development of the highly glazed lofts in these houses

In 1898 the Methodist Church  on the corner of Fourier st and Brick Lane was converted into a Synagogue. This building was constructed as a Huguenot Chapel in 1743-4, and would later be converted into a Mosque in the 1970s (which is its present use)

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Posted by redmondb on October 16, 2011

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