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Dawn at Sandymount: memories of Proteus and coming down the steps from Leahy’s terrace

Azores High

Taking advantage of the unseasonable but very pleasant weather an evening jogger runs close to Joyce’s Tower in Sandycove.

This high pressure area only visits us a few times each year, normally in June /July.  This could be our Summer. Meanwhile our regular weather is drenching Spain, I presume.

Well they need it more than we do!


Friday the 13th-wine bar, Dublin

Winter display

Finding the dull weather does not encourage me to take out my “real” cameras but the iPhone 4S is so good!

The moderns at IMMA

This IMMA show was great. Hope you got to it in time

Now waiting on the catalogue!

Photo by George Bernard Shaw


The Moderns at IMMA

This great show at RHK finishes this Sunday
Definitely worth a visit!

Photo by GB Shaw 1906


First post from iPhone

Just downloaded the App and thought I would give it a go