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Giant at the 40 Foot

Inside a Martello tower

Getting ready for B….sday, Ulysses readers line up to do their bit

Buck stopped here-Joyce’s Tower, Sandycove

Azores High

Taking advantage of the unseasonable but very pleasant weather an evening jogger runs close to Joyce’s Tower in Sandycove.

This high pressure area only visits us a few times each year, normally in June /July.  This could be our Summer. Meanwhile our regular weather is drenching Spain, I presume.

Well they need it more than we do!


November swim

at Sandycove Dublin

Eleven O’Clock swim club meeting at 11.11am 11/11/11

A Moment in time

Forty Foot swimming place, Sandycove Dublin

11.11am on 11th Nov 2011

Grazing near the Muglins